The Architecture of EPCOT

Japanese Torii


For those of you who have been following my blog for the past year, (Wow! A year already. Thank you to everyone!) you know that my favorite Walt Disney World theme park is EPCOT. And my favorite part of EPCOT is World Showcase. I’ve always loved to travel and around World Showcase you can visit 10 foreign countries all in one afternoon.

To pay tribute to those countries around the lagoon and to give you a taste of what those countries are really like, the Disney Imagineers did a beautiful job of recreating the architecture of each country when they designed the different pavilions. I’ve gathered some photos from both EPCOT and the countries to give you a comparison. EPCOT photos on the left, real places on the right.

Canada is patterned after a 19th century French chateau in Quebec City.

Canada Pavilion            Canada Quebec City

The toy store in the United Kingdom pavilion is designed to look like Hampton Court Castle.

UK Toy Store    Hampton Court Castle

And, of course, there’s Paris, France’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

France Pavilion  Eiffel Tower

Morocco features a replica of the Koutoubia Minaret in Marrakesh.

Morocco pavilion            Minaret in Marrakesh

Japan’s pagoda is representative of many pagodas of the Far East.

Japan Pavilion           Pagoda in Japan

The US pavilion’s colonial-style was inspired by Independence Hall, Boston’s Old State House, Jefferson’s Monticello and Colonial Williamsburg.

American Adventure      Independence Hall

Italy looks just like the Doges Palace in St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

Italy Pavilion     Italy Doges Palace

Germany’s architecture pays homage to the German town square, or Platz, from the 16th century.

Germany Pavilion   German village

The centerpiece of China is the Temple of Heaven. The original is in Beijing.

China pavilion            Temple of Heaven Beijing

Norway harkens back to the days of Vikings and includes a Stave Church.

Norway pavilion            Stave Church

And Mexico was designed to look like the Aztec Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

Mexico pavilion            Aztec temple

I’m sure a lot of people don’t really consider the architecture of the theme parks, but when these buildings were designed, as with all the buildings at Walt Disney World, a lot of thought was put into them to make them as realistic as possible, giving park guests a truly immersive experience.

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12 thoughts on “The Architecture of EPCOT

  1. Very Cool. I never knew about all those buildings being replicas. I stayed in the Chateau in Quebec. Chateau Frontenac was just beautiful!

  2. Mom

    We love Epcot too. Most people do not look at the buildings but since we spent 3 years in Europe. it appeals to us. Enjoyed the pictures. Mom

  3. Linda

    That’s really cool, I didn’t realize that!

  4. Very good article.

  5. Eleenie

    How long have the building been there, I can’t remember them from my visit?

    • Oh, they’ve been there since EPCOT was built. It’s all the buildings of World Showcase.
      Thanks for all your comments. I’m glad you’re still a fan of my blog!!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog – followed directly. I love this idea!!!! Maybe I should bring a mascot with me as well when I go to SE-Asia alone.. hmm.. any ideas? 😉

    • I’m so glad you found my blog! Thanks for following! Hmm, not sure about your mascot. I’ve had Teddy as long as I can remember. Do you have any childhood toys or stuffed animals? Not only do I have a huge teddy bear collection, I also like to collect exotic plush animals. Maybe something like that would be good for your SE Asia trip. Something native to that area of the world?

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