The Buckhorn Exchange – Are you Game?


Vegetarians, and serious animal lovers, beware. The Buckhorn Exchange is for meat-eaters only. But if you are a meat-eater, or a big fan of taxidermy, this is a place you must try.

Henry Zeitz opened the place in 1893, making it Denver’s oldest restaurant. Back then, Zeitz catered to the cattlemen, railroad builders, miners, businessmen and gamblers who came through the state of Colorado in its early days. The Buckhorn Exchange is also the owner of liquor license Number One from the State of Colorado.

Zeitz was a scout for the famous Buffalo Bill Cody and it is said that Zeitz shot a man for hitting one of his waitresses. During his years riding with Cody, Zeitz met Chief Sitting Bull who nicknamed him “Shorty Scout” because he was so small. This colorful history permeates the Buckhorn Exchange.

Every inch of wall space is used to display 575 stuffed animals including elk, moose, sheep, deer, buffalo, beavers, raccoons, rabbits, all kinds of birds and even a zebra, a two-headed calf and a jackalope. The bar upstairs is decorated with beer steins, along with 125 guns, pistols and rifles.

This National Historic Landmark serves up prime grade beef steaks, prime rib, elk, buffalo, pork ribs, salmon, lamb and quail. And if some of those meats aren’t exotic enough for you, why not try the alligator tail, rattlesnake, ostrich or yak? At the time, I wasn’t ambitious or brave enough to try something that exotic. I ordered the pot roast, which was great.

Be prepared to drop a bit of money at the Buckhorn. It’s an expensive place. But if you’re interested in trying something new, different, and very, very meaty, rustle up a meal at the Buckhorn Exchange.

Dates of Visit:  April 2008

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2 thoughts on “The Buckhorn Exchange – Are you Game?

  1. Yikes! Just the pictures tell me I would never ever want to step foot in this place!

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