The Tupelo Honey Café and Their Awesome Sweet Potato Pancake


On one of my many trips to Asheville, North Carolina I was looking through a magazine and came upon a marvelous photo of the Tupelo Honey Café’s Sweet Potato Pancake. I could have licked the page, it looked that delicious. So, I vowed that I would get to the café to sample this delight.

Well, on that particular visit, the Tupelo Honey Café had had a flood in the basement and was closed! Noooooooo! I would have to wait until my next trip. It may have been a year later, but I have to say, it was well worth the wait.

Tupelo Honey Café is known for its Southern style cuisine, but with a different twist. Using farm-fresh ingredients from local suppliers, Chef Brian Sonoskus has designed dishes like Root Beer Molasses Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Green Apple Salsa and Southern Fried Chicken Saltimbocca with Country Ham and Mushroom Marsala, neither your traditional Southern fair, but original creations that make this restaurant a must try. They also offer soups, salads and a variety of sandwiches. They have a yummy dessert menu and have gluten-free options as well.

But back to the Sweet Potato Pancake. This is what Tupelo Honey Café is famous for, what was pictured in that magazine article. This buttermilk pancake is flavored with cinnamon and sweet potatoes and is topped with their fabulous peach butter and spiced pecans. It actually fills the entire plate. I’ve never been able to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I can’t imagine getting the double stack.

I almost hate the fact that this pancake is so good because it has kept me from trying all the other wonderful food that they have. Next time I’ll have to go there for two different meals so I can try something besides the sweet potato pancake.

Tupelo Honey Café has been part of the Asheville food scene since 2000. They now have two Asheville locations, downtown and southside.

Dates of Visit:  May 2009, May 2012

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One thought on “The Tupelo Honey Café and Their Awesome Sweet Potato Pancake

  1. Linda

    That pancake looks so yummy!!! I want one 🙂

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