Drinking from the Chocolate River


Attention Chocoholics: This is your nirvana. It’s the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina. Now, they have a lot of things to enjoy here, but my favorite is the sinfully delicious liquid chocolate truffle.

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a drink from Willy Wonka’s chocolate river? Well, I certainly have. And when I put my lips to a mug of liquid chocolate truffle, my dream comes true. This is the smoothest, richest, thickest, creamiest, most decadent drink on the planet. Matched only by a similar liquid chocolate drink I tried in Anchorage, Alaska at the Modern Dweller’s Chocolate Lounge.

But since Asheville is much closer to my home in Florida, I’m able to drink from the chocolate river at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge much more often. As a matter of fact, I imbibed twice on my most recent visit to Asheville earlier this month. (By the way, the French Broad is the river that runs near Asheville.)

I could go on and on about the liquid truffle, but I must mention that the French Broad Chocolate Lounge also has coffee, desserts, brownies, cookies, cakes and so much more. It’s a casual hangout downtown patronized by the likes of actress Andie MacDowell. (She lives in the area.) I’m not sure what she likes to eat or drink there. Maybe she likes the liquid truffle too. You can get it in different flavors like plain dark, plain milk, with different spices like cinnamon, cardamom, even lavender and honey…am I gushing about it again? Sorry.

If you find the place a bit crowded, you’ll know why. It’s because everything there is fabulous. And if you can’t find a table, venture upstairs where they have lots of extra room. And if you come on a day when they’ve got live music, sit down and enjoy a liquid truffle…okay, you can try something else if you like!

Dates of Visit:  May 2009, May 2012


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2 thoughts on “Drinking from the Chocolate River

  1. Mom

    We will definately go there next time we visit Asheville. I wish we had heard of it the last time we were there. Enjoyed the discription. Thanks. Mom

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